Mixing Performance of Xemex® Static Mixer

Designed by Re Mixers, Xemex is the most efficient static mixer developed to work across an array of viscosities, formulations, and mix ratios. Replacing the traditional catalog of mixers, Xemex comes as an optimized, single design that works with any application. Unlike other square or helical mixers with 16 striations, Xemex boasts 1,556 striations after three elements, allowing for maximum adhesive performance with minimum waste. Designed for the assembly line, the mixer’s shorter profile provides greater dexterity in tight spaces, and greater positional accuracy in automated meter mixing. These advantages make dispensing applications easy with a reduction in waste rivaling micromixers, while also enabling systems with throughput only seen with traditional industrial mixers.

Xemex EDSQ08-7S



  • Improves adhesive strength.
  • Reduces retained volume to 2.5 mL.
  • Eliminates air-entrapment and bubbling issues.
  • Increases operator dexterity and positional accuracy.


  • Designed for standard bell-style connections.
  • Optimized to work across common mix ratios 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1.
  • Balanced to mix a wider variety of formulations.
  • Developed for manual and automated applications where performance and positional accuracy matter.


To confirm whether Xemex static mixers measure up to commercially available mixers, we performed experiments with two-part formulations from 3M, Dow, and ResinLab comparing mix performance with traditional mixers from top suppliers.






Dow DOWSIL™ 3-4241


The two-part formulation was dispensed using Re Mixer’s automated cartridge dispenser, having preset flow rate and purge routines. After curing at room temperature for 7 days, hardness was determined through a single-blind collection using Rex Gauge’s RX-DD Series Durometer, and in accordance with ASTM D2240.

Mixing Performance:

The hardness data suggests that Xemex yielded acceptable mixing performance for DOWSIL™ 3-4241 Dielectric Tough Gel. Xemex matched or outperformed all 5 mm MCH mixers tested, which have similar retained volumes. Xemex performed comparably to 8 mm square mixers, which retain 2 to 3 times more adhesive compared to Xemex. These results suggest that Xemex is a suitable candidate to replace both helical and square mixers in applications using this DOWSIL™ 3-4241.

Back Pressure:

Due to the low viscosity of DOWSIL™ 3-4241, the pressure was below the limits of the measurement system. However, from all past experiments, it would be expected that Xemex would have a lower pressure than the 5 mm helical mixers (e.g. MCH 05-24T), and roughly the same as the 8 mm helical (e.g. MCH 08-24T).

Dow DOWSIL™ 3-4241 Graph





The Xemex static mixer’s unique design allows for comparable or enhanced mixing performance to traditional mixers for a wide variety of two-part materials, making it a good choice for manufacturers looking to optimize their meter mixing process.

Proper design and selection of static mixers is crucial for optimal performance and efficiency. Ellsworth Adhesives Glue Doctors® are uniquely equipped with over 800 years of combined experience in product and application selection to help make the process simple. Get in touch with the team to help find the right choice for your application needs with Xemex.



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