General Industry

Classified as the manufacturing and processing of materials and services.

  • Agriculture- Products are used in the manufacturing of agricultural equipment, lawn care equipment, and machinery.
  • Oil/Gas- The business of developing and operating fields to extract crude oil, refined petroleum, and natural gas. This industry specializes in well drilling, gas field operations, and pipelines for transportation.
  • Mining- Mining includes surface and underwater mining, site development, and preparation equipment.
  • Packaging- This industry produces packaging for cosmetics, personal care, food services, shipping markets, electronic components, and healthcare. Packaging is used for enclosing and protecting products for distribution, storage, consumption, and sales.
  • Sign- Signs manufactured to convey information and display advertising messages include large electronic displays for roadway and traffic signs, on-premise business signs, off-premise signage and billboards, and safety and informational signs.
  • Construction- Products are used to construct, remodel, or renovate buildings, dams, highways, and utility systems. Most structures include prefabricated and modular wood buildings, commercial buildings, log cabins, prefabricated homes, and portable buildings. This also includes construction machinery, tools, and related equipment.
  • Other- Includes miscellaneous applications falling outside of the defined segments.
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