Custom Formulation

Need a custom product for your unique application? Ask us how we can formulate the right product for you.

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ResinLab® and GDI Adhesives, both Ellsworth Adhesives companies, provide custom formulation adhesives, hot melts, sealants, encapsulants, and potting systems to meet customer specifications. Whether you have a small or large project in need of high-tech or low-tech formulation, we can provide our customers with a product that is cost effective and meets design, manufacturing, and quality requirements.



Custom Formulations



Staff of product development chemists can develop a custom product to address your design, manufacturing, and quality requirements.

  • Confirm rheological, thermal, electrical, chemical, and mechanical properties
  • Formulate an equivalent to a discontinued resin
  • Complete analytical lab and staff to fully characterize custom resin systems
  • Provide REACH-compliant alternatives to customers
  • RoHS compliant formulations


Product Modifications



Low-complexity modifications and performance testing allows you to improve your current product to meet all of your application requirements. We can provide you with the following product modifications:

  • Pigments for color change
  • UV indicators for inspection systems
  • Spacer beads to control bond line thickness
  • Thickening agents to increase viscosity
  • Solvents and diluents to decrease viscosity
  • Fillers to improve properties like thermal conductivity
  • Catalysts to shorten cure time
  • Cure moderators and inhibitors to extend work life


Lab Services



Laboratories that are equipped to support new product development, technical service, and quality assurance.

  • Imaging
  • Rheological and thermal analysis
  • Chemical, electrical, and mechanical property characterization
  • Toll blending
  • Low and high speed mixing
  • UL94 testing
  • Impurity analysis
  • Measure material hardness



Need packaging for your custom formulation?


KitPackers Packaging

Custom packaging offers a number of benefits over in-house packaging by lowering cost, enhancing performance, and giving you more options. KitPackers, an Ellsworth Adhesives company, offers custom packaging for adhesives, sealants, and specialty chemical manufacturers, users, and resellers. Convert bulk containers into smaller, user-friendly units. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, KitPackers prides itself on operation excellence and quality control testing that meets ASTM standards.

For additional information or to find out which packaging system is best for you,

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