Dymax is a leading supplier of LED/UV/Visible light-curable adhesives and is ISO 9001 certified. Ellsworth Adhesives distributes a wide range of Dymax products including UV/light curing adhesivesconformal coatingssealantsencapsulants, including Multi-Cure®Dual-Cure™E-MAX, and SpeedMask® brands. Dymax also manufactures dispensing systems and UV/light curing equipment such as BlueWave® and VisiCure™. These products are widely used in the lighting, power, defense, consumer products, general industry, medical, and transportation markets.

Peelable Maskants for Electronic Applications

Dymax peelable maskants for electronics cure in seconds when exposed to UV/Visible light. The products are all one part, solvent free, and silicone free. The formulations are highly thixotropic for manual or automated dispensing onto difficult components prior to conformal coating applications, wave soldering, or reflow operations. After full cure, the masks peel off cleanly.



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