Glue Dots®

Glue Dots International, GDI, manufactures pressure sensitive adhesives and dispensers that are preferred over tapes because they are cost effective, easy to operate, and customizable. Brands include QuikDot™ Pro, MatrX™, EconoDot®, and Dot Shot® Pro. Choose between a variety of shapes and patterns such as Glue Dots®, Glue Squares®, or customize your own with Accutack™. These products are typically used for general industry and consumer product applications.

Why Use Glue Dots?

As the originator of the preformed adhesive Glue Dots®, Glue Dots International offers the deepest breadth of pressure-sensitive adhesive products and application methods. Choosing Glue Dots’ adhesive products places two decades of experience at your disposal, ensuring the right solution for your specific workforce and application.

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