How Plasma and Flame Surface Treating Improve Adhesive Bonding

Presented by: Ellsworth Adhesives & Enercon

This webinar provides insights from Ellsworth Adhesives Senior Chemist Greg Canard and Enercon Surface Treating Application Expert Wilson Lee. The experienced team discusses adhesive and surface treating including how manufacturers are using plasma and flame surface treating to improve adhesive bonding.

The following questions are covered throughout the webinar:

Adhesive Basics

  • What are the principles of successful bonding?
  • What are the different types of adhesives?

Surface Treatment Basics

  • How do surface treatments prepare a surface for bonding?
  • What types of surface treatment technologies are available?
  • How do you evaluate whether a surface treatment is effective?

Industrial Examples of Surface Treatment

  • How have real companies improved adhesive bonding through surface treatment?

Preparation before adhesive application can be a crucial factor in achieving a successful bond. Ellsworth Adhesives offers a complete line of activators, accelerators, protective coatings, primers, degreasers and cleaners from leading manufacturers.


About Enercon

Enercon manufactures induction cap sealers, as well as plasma, flame, and corona surface treatment systems. Ellsworth Adhesives supplies Enercon surface treatment products, designed to maximize performance for bonding, laminating, printing, and coating applications.

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