LED Lighting Solutions

As the lighting industry continues to evolve and grow, traditional materials are no longer compatible with today’s lighting demands. Manufacturers search for new lighting assembly technologies that are innovative, reliable, and more efficient. These materials must be able to sustain their physical and electrical properties over a wide range of temperatures, humidity, and harsh environmental conditions.

Not only are the materials used in the assembly of LED lighting devices important, but so are the materials used to protect the LED to ensure long life. Thermal management has become an important component in the reliability, quality output, life-time, and total cost of these devices. Encapsulants, sealants, and conformal coatings are also used to protect against thermal stress, physical stress, humidity, and other contaminants.


LED Lighting Products

Ellsworth Adhesives distributes an extensive line of high performance adhesives and specialty chemicals designed specifically for LED lighting assembly. This includes thermal materials, protection products, and bonding adhesives from the industry’s top manufacturers.





Used for lense bonding, threadlocking, and assembly.


Conformal Coatings
Used to coat and protect the printed circuit board, internal driver, and LED module.


Electronic Encapsulants
Used to encapsulate sensitive electronic components such as LED chips and internal drivers.

LED Light


Optical Encapsulants
Used for protecting lenses, LED chips, and die attach.


Used to protect LEDs from dust, moisture, and other environmental contaminants.


Thermal Materials
Used for bonding LED printed circuit boards and other power components.



Our Top LED Lighting Manufacturers


3MBostikDowDymaxHenkel LOCTITEPermabondResinlabTechspray




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