Keep It Cool With Thermal Management


What is Thermal Management?

Thermal management has become a crucial component for device manufacturers as technology advances, products become smaller, and consumer demand increases. These devices must be durable, safe, and maintain long-term performance, especially in high stress environments. Thermally conductive compounds serve as a thermal bridge, drawing heat away from a device’s sensitive electronics protecting them from severe conditions like high temperatures, voltage, and vibrations. Engineers need to understand how to dissipate heat while considering budget, production, and quality constraints.


Thermal Management Products

Thermally and electrically conductive adhesives, encapsulants, greases, and pads are used to dissipate heat in electronic devices and potting applications. These materials are designed to provide thermal conductivity, structural adhesion, rapid assembly, and environmental protection. Ellsworth Adhesives provides a variety of these products and are always looking for new technologies to make sure today’s electronics are smaller, faster, and stronger. Our top manufacturer’s for thermal management materials are 3M, Bergquist, ELANTAS PDG, Dow, Henkel LOCTITE®, Parker LORDResinLab, and Techspray.




Materials for Electronic Devices


Electronic Component


Can be used for die attach, surface mount, electronic molding and other assemblies.

Dispensable Pads/Films
Ideal for thin bondlines and allows for delayed assembly.

Liquid encapsulants for glob top, potting, dam and fill applications.

Used for thermal coupling of electrical components to heat sinks and thermal insulation for computer processors.



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