Hot Melt Solutions for Assembly, Packaging, Lamination and Converting

Hot melt adhesives are an economical way to bond multiple substrates and can be applied with the use of many different types of applicators. They can be extruded, rolled or sprayed either manually or automated with a hand, spray, ribbon, or roll applicator. They are typically used in many applications such as packaging, labeling, filters, lamination, non-woven and product assembly, but they can also be used for gap filling, potting, or encapsulation. Hot melts have a variety of bonding and temperature ranges and offer quick green strength for just in time manufacturing. Ellsworth Adhesives offers a wide range of hot melt adhesives, applicators, and dispensing equipment which can be customized to your exact specifications.


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Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot Melt Adhesives

Uses: Hot melts are used for bonding, sealing, assembly, filling, potting, form-in-place gasketing, and many other applications. They come in a variety of forms and sizes such as sticks, pellets, and pillows. Materials include PSA, APAO, PUR, EVA, and polyamide.


  • Fast setting

  • Easy to use

  • Non-toxic

  • Long shelf life

  • Chemical/Moisture resistance

  • Eliminates clamps and fixturing

Manufacturers: 3M, Bostik, Dow, Elemelt, HB Fuller, Henkel LOCTITE, Power Adhesives, REXtac, Glue Dots

Hand-Held Hot Melt Applicators

Hot Melt Applicators

Uses: Hot melt applicators are used to dispense hot melt adhesives easily and quickly. They can dispense in beads, lines, dots, or spray patterns. They are designed to be used for low to high volume production and can be used in either manual or pneumatic formats.


  • Reliable

  • Portable

  • Temperature precision

  • Quick warm up time

  • Easy to use

Manufacturers: 3M, Bostik, FastenMaster, Henkel LOCTITE, Power Adhesives, Surebonder


Bulk Hot Melt Equipment

All-electric hot melt systems are designed to provide temperature controlled delivery and dispensing for industrial applications using pressure sensitive adhesives, APAOs, PURs, Polyamides, and waxes. They can be used for low and high volume production. Some equipment options can be benchtop units or secured on a floor stand.


ITW Dynatec DG IIAdhesive Systems

Hot melt adhesive supply units are designed to simplify your daily operations, whether it is for low or high volume production. These systems consist of a hot melt supply unit, adhesive hose, hand applicator, and nozzle. ITW Dynatec can customize and configure a system based on your application.

img-responsivePail and Drum Melters

Pail and Drum Melters are designed to handle high volume production of hot melt EVA, PSA, and PUR, supplied from 5 gal (20 L) pails or 55 gal (200 L) drums. ITW Dynatec bulk adhesive melters provide uninterrupted adhesive flow and features multiple temperature control sensors, low volume indicators, self-diagnostics, and interchangeable platen faces.


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