LORD® Structural Adhesives for Service Trucks

Lowering fuel cost, wind drag, and reducing greenhouse gases has become an important component in the manufacturing of truck bodies. With LORD® structural adhesives, you can replace welding and fastening which saves cost, labor, and cycle times. Several trial applications have been performed, and results have shown that the bond of structural adhesives are stronger and eliminate concerns of corrosion and leakage. LORD® offers a variety of acrylic, epoxy, and urethane adhesives designed for auto body assembly and metal bonding.

Structural adhesives can be a tool to help configure work truck equipment and aftermarket upfitting. Applications can range from installation of tool boxes in construction trucks, shelf hanging for delivery vehicles, plumbing equipment for firetrucks, to electrical components in utility vehicles. Having the ability to customize your vehicle will improve workflow patterns and increase productivity and efficiency. Many of these specialty vehicle manufacturers are making the switch to adhesives. With the help of an experienced field application engineer, Ellsworth Adhesives can assist you with product selection and implementing a new production process.


How You Will Save

  • Reduce leakage

  • Improve cycle times

  • Increase service life

  • Increase throughput

  • Reduce labor

  • Decrease gas consumption

  • Reduce weight


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Benefits of Adhesives

  • Improved aesthetics

  • Improved strength

  • Multiple cure speeds offered

  • Bond line control

  • Eliminate welds and rivets

  • Better for health and safety

  • Does not require primer or activators



Applications for Service Trucks


Applications for Service Trucks


  • 1. Sidewall and Panel Bonding
    Improve quality by eliminating corrosion and leaks

  • 2. Roof Bonding
    Accelerate assembly times

  • 3. Seam Sealing
    Prevent corrosion and cargo damage

  • 4. HVAC Units
    Bond and seal in one step

  • 5. Cab and Grill Bonding
    Improve aerodynamics and aesthetics

  • 6. Tailgate Bonding
    Increase strength and reduce weight

  • 7. Floor Bonding
    Improve vibration and corrosion resistance

  • 8. Door and Frame Closures
    Improve appearance, stability, and stiffness


Seam Sealing and Bonding for
Direct-to-Metal Applications

LORD® 7555 Urethane Sealant/Adhesive
LORD® 7610DTM Urethane Sealant/Adhesive