Henkel LOCTITE Aerospace

Henkel Aerospace has developed products specifically for the construction, maintenance, and repairing of aircraft structures, engines, and systems. Ellsworth Adhesives offers custom edge fill, potting compounds, adhesives, sealants, lubricants, release agents, and coatings for composite materials. These composite solutions enables reduced fuel consumption, lighter airplane designs, flexibility, and reduces emissions.


Metal Bond & Repair Adhesives Offer

  • Excellent mechanical strength

  • Chemical and high temperature resistance

  • Room temperature or heat curing

  • Durable bonds

  • One or two component systems


Composite Bonding Adhesives Offer

  • Excellent environmental, chemical, and sag resistance

  • Bond line thickness control

  • High shear and peel strength

  • Good wetting properties

  • High service temperature




Aircraft Applications



Product Categories




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