This industry manufactures, installs, and maintains equipment for electrical power distribution, industrial control, and automation. This includes power generators, automation systems, electric networks, utility management systems, water treatment, oil and gas, renewable applications, power lines, and telecommunication towers. Electric power is distributed to residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, power plants, and infrastructure markets.

  • Solar- Solar power components include solar frames, structures, panels, modules, inverters, chargers, cells, and manufacturing lines and equipment.
  • Wind- Wind power includes wind turbines, blades, nacelles, gear boxes, generators, towers, platforms, and other related components.
  • Electric- Electric power components include electric motors, power generators, power supplies, motor generator sets, electrical equipment, ballasts, power transformers, compressors, valves, voltage regulators, switches, breakers, timers, controllers, meters, modules, and towers.
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