LED Solutions for Flexible Bonding Challenges in Medical Devices

Presented by: Ellsworth Adhesives & Henkel

Learn how emerging trends such as advanced adhesives and new LED curing technology can overcome challenges for faster, lower-cost, and higher-performance assembly solutions with a webinar co-hosted by Henkel. Topics covered include:

  • Flexible Medical Devices: Learn more about common substrates used in flexible medical devices, including silicone, PVC, polyurethane, natural rubber, and thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs).
  • Flexible Materials & Assembly Methods: Discuss common assembly methods such as solvent welding, ultra-sonic welding and adhesives solutions.
  • New & Emerging Flexible Materials: Discover new materials in the industry like PolyOne Versaflex™.
  • Assembly Solutions for Adhesives & Equipment: Compare different bonding solutions and assembly methods.
  • Tools & Resources: Review helpful resources from Henkel including material design guides, selector guides, and other literature.


About Henkel

A global leader, Henkel manufactures adhesives, conformal coatings, sealants, encapsulants, lubricants, and other specialty products for a wide range of industries and applications. Partnering with Henkel, Ellsworth Adhesives supplies these products supported by an experienced team of technical service representatives.

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