Consumer Electronics: Designing with Flexibility for Reliability

Presented by: Ellsworth Adhesives & Dow, formerly Dow Corning

Adhesives can play a major role in designing lighter, thinner, and more durable electronics. Co-hosted with Dow (formerly Dow Corning), this webinar uncovers how a new silicone technology is helping many of the world’s leading innovators in the electronics industry make their next generation products more durable and reliable. Topics covered include:

Consumer Electronics Device Design & Manufacturing Needs

  • Reliability & Design Flexibility
  • Reworkability
  • Efficiency
  • Cost Reduction

Dow Silicone Hot Melt Technology

  • Common Applications
  • Assembly Concept & Material Characteristics

The webinar also discusses the capabilities of sourcing Dow silicones with the Ellsworth Adhesives network, including free video trials to test materials with Fisnar, and a team of engineering sales representatives experienced with Dow products and applications.


About Dow

Dow is a leading silicone solutions provider, manufacturing sealants, adhesives, thermal management materials, conformal coatings, and encapsulants for any industry. Their most recognizable brands include DOWSIL™, SYLGARD™, SILASTIC™, and XIAMETER™, all offered by Ellsworth Adhesives.

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