Electronic Assembly Materials

The demands of electronic performance are always increasing and so is the need for assembly and protection materials that can withstand challenging environments. These materials must be reliable, flexible, reworkable and efficient. Minimizing stress, protection against contaminants, increased bond strength, and heat dissipation extends the life and performance of electronic devices. This applies to almost every industry including transportation, aerospace, consumer, defense, lighting and medical.

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  • PCB Attachment

  • Display Bonding

  • LED Encapsulation

  • Chip Bonding

  • Die Attach

  • Structural Bonding

  • PCB Protection & Encapsulation

  • Touchscreen Assembly

  • Water proofing

  • Camera Module Assembly

  • Hand Soldering

Electronic Device



Electronics Benchtop Products


Supply your work station with materials and equipment needed for soldering, rework, static control, cleaning and more. These products are essential for electronic assembly and providing a safe working environment. View our complete line of electronic benchtop products here.


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