Cartridges Accessories

One-part cartridges are a clean, efficient, and low-cost method to dispense adhesives, sealants, and coatings. Two-part cartridges increase productivity by holding adhesives during dispensing. A variety of accessories such as nozzles, caps, plungers, and cartridges are designed for a wide range of application uses. Semco cartridges and accessories are capable of handling a wide variety of chemical fluids for storage and application and can be easily adapted to both pneumatic and manual dispensing systems. Techkit cartridges and accessories are a compact and simple method for packaging two or three component resin systems. Ellsworth Adhesives offers dispensing cartridges and accessories from manufacturers like Techcon Systems, PPG Industries, Plas-Pak, Sulzer Mixpac, Fisnar, TAH, and 3M.

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