This industry manufactures medical equipment and supplies, including surgical and medical instruments, dental equipment, and surgical appliances. Major products are used for MRI, CT, PET scanners, X-ray, mammography, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, and nuclear medicine equipment. Other products include pacemakers, electrocardiographs, electro-medical endoscopic equipment, lab equipment, and diagnostic and anesthetic equipment, and other medical electronics. Our top medical suppliers include Henkel Loctite, Dymax, 3M, Fisnar, and Permabond.

  • Consumable Products- Consumable products refer to disposable medical, laboratory, and surgical supplies including dressings, needles, syringes, sterile procedure trays, sutures, catheters, rubber sheets, surgical rubber bulbs, endotracheal tubes, and other related products.
  • Durable Goods- Durable goods include invested medical equipment, instruments, dental equipment, surgical appliances, radiology equipment, and other related devices.

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