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H.B. Fuller is prepared to help electric vehicle (EV) and battery manufacturers with the latest adhesive and sealant technology, providing turnkey solutions to improve the reliability and safety of battery packs. They provide solutions for fire protection encapsulation, bonding cell to cold plate, battery and structural bonding of enclosures, dielectric coatings, thermally conductive, and TIM solutions. Their adhesive solutions are proven in battery modules with cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic cells.

As the technology for EVs evolves to become more practical and cost-effective, manufacturing EVs will require a well-tooled supply chain with cutting-edge electric vehicle adhesive and sealant solutions. That means EV manufacturers won’t just need solutions that are proven to work — they’ll need a solution partner willing to innovate and break through boundaries. Bring your adhesive challenge to us, and H.B. Fuller and Ellsworth Adhesives will handle the rest.




H.B. Fuller Battery Product Lines

H.B. Fuller has a unique solution for each step in building a battery module or pack. These products are for use in modules with any cell type; cylindrical, pouch, or prismatic.


Product Line Details

The EV Protect product line includes liquid applied, two-component, polyurethane technologies designed to isolate the effects of thermal runaway, insulate any adjacent cells from heat and fire, and reduce the chances of thermal propagation.


Given the critical nature of thermal management strategy for battery systems, the EV Therm product line optimizes heat transfer between battery cells and cooling systems by utilizing innovative technologies designed to minimize heat retention in the battery module and improve battery efficiency.


Our EV Seal technologies feature resealable capabilities designed to protect the battery pack assembly from moisture, humidity, and environmental exposure while allowing for repeated entry into the battery module for any necessary maintenance or repair.


The innovative structural properties of our EV Bond product line provide the ideal adhesive solutions for battery pack modules and bonding dissimilar substrates, featuring chemistries ranging from MMAs to UV-acrylates and epoxies.


To learn more, download H.B. Fuller's EV Go-To Guide.




H.B. Fuller EV Protect 4006 Low Density Polyurethane Foam Encapsulant


H.B. Fuller’s EV Protect 4006 is a flame retardant, polyurethane foam encapsulant that is used for potting and encapsulation of battery cells in EV battery modules. It provides fire protection and absorbs external environmental impacts.


The lightweight material minimizes the weight impact to the battery modules and provides noise, vibration, and harshness benefits.



  • Reduces risk of thermal propagation
  • Extremely low foam density (0.16 g/mL)
  • 5 times expansion rate
  • Low viscosity, self leveling
  • UL94 V0 certification
  • No outgassing of hydrogen during cure
  • Great NVH properties


  • EV battery modules

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