GDI Adhesives

Glue Dots International (GDI) Adhesives, an Ellsworth Adhesives company, is a leading manufacturer of industrial pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) technologies. Their product portfolio includes adhesive pattern products like dots, squares, and micro-dot tape alternatives, as well as high volume hot melt and water-based adhesives.


GDI Adhesives’ industrial Glue Dots® are double-sided, pressure-sensitive adhesives that create instant bonds on virtually any surface, helping simplify an assembly line while reducing cost. GDI Adhesives also offers manual and automated adhesive pattern equipment, applicators, and enterprise systems to fully support the adhesive dispensing process.


As a specialist in PSA technology, GDI Adhesives is equipped with the capabilities to manufacture adhesives for any industry ranging in viscosity, bond strength, application temperature, and more depending on a customer’s unique application requirements.

GDI Adhesives: PSA Technology Experts

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