Aculon® specializes in developing and producing unique surface modification technologies for the electronics, consumer products, industrial, and oil and gas industries. Aculon® has over 40 U.S. patents, won many industry awards for innovation, and worked on thousands of applications, solving customer surface-related issues. The company’s technologies include hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, oleophobic, and hydrophilic treatments to repel water, oil, paraffin, asphaltenes, and almost all liquids. These treatments are thin, often nano-scale, and are easy to apply. Aculon® is ISO 9001.


NanoProof® 3 Series

The NanoProof® 3 series provides up to IPX5 level protection to PCBs and electronic components. This liquid-phase coating series utilizes proprietary polymer technology to achieve anti-wetting, anti-stiction, chemical protection, corrosion protection, and moisture protection across many substrates on a PCB. 


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The NanoProof® 3 series features flexible application methods including spray, dip, and dispensing, with no cure requirement, quick processing times, improved yields, and reduced equipment costs. 








Aculon, Inc Company Overview

Aculon enables customers to make better products by being an innovative, responsive, and fast developer and producer of best in class surface nano-coating technologies.

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