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Do more with plastics and composites using 3M VHB™ Tape.

3M VHB™ Tapes

3M VHB™ tapes are high-strength, double-sided acrylic foam tapes that are used as an excellent alternative to screws, rivets, and welds. You can join a variety of materials such as aluminum, glass, steel, plastics, and painted and powder-coated surfaces to form a permanent adhesion while distributing stress across the entire length of the joint. VHB tapes allow for instant bonding, stress distribution, shock absorption, and has the flexibility to expand and contract to adjust to extreme temperatures.

Save time and money with increased productivity, easy assembly, and long-term performance. You can also improve your designs aesthetically with invisible fastening that is smoother, lighter, and thinner than traditional methods.




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3M VHB™ LSE Series



The 3M VHB™ LSE Series is a double-sided acrylic foam tape that is specifically designed to bond plastics, composites, and other low surface energy (LSE) materials without the use of a primer. It is also used to join high and medium surface energy materials such as aluminum, glass, steel, plastics, and painted surfaces.


Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Permanent, durable bond
  • Bonds LSE materials
  • Long-term durability outdoors
  • Designed for multi-material bonding
  • High initial tack at low temperatures
  • Resistant to cycling temperatures, UV light, moistures, and solvents


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