Warehouse Management Services

Ellsworth Adhesives employs a world-class Warehouse Management System (WMS). This fully automated system is our front-line asset that enables a nearly error-free picking process. As a SQL based barcode centric system, this WMS features shelf life matching capabilities that pare unique customer shelf life requirements with available inventory, forcibly and systematically blocking picks of low, or non-compliant, shelf life material.

As a compliment to this, several other systems have been fully integrated to increase order fulfillment accuracy where it matters. These include a document retrieval system for manufacturer documents such as Certifications of Analysis and Manufacturer Certifications, a label creation platform, an MSDS and TDS database, and a quality analysis tool.

Ellsworth Adhesives is also able to provide complete lot traceability through our WMS, as well as real-time visibility to order processing and lot level inventory shelf life. We are committed to continuous improvement and will continue optimizing this platform and related processes in an effort to exceed our customers’ expectations.


  • Web-based, multi-site WMS platform
  • Optimized barcode environment
  • Full lot level audit trail
  • Integrated systems
    • Labels
    • MSDS/TDS
    • Manufacturer documents
    • CMI
  • Supports perpetual cycle count process
  • Provides a full suite of productivity metrics
  • Multi-site, lot level inventory visibility



  • Increase accuracy due to barcode scanning
  • Full lot level inventory traceability
  • Increased productivity and accuracy related to customer labels and manufacturer documentation due to integrated systems