• Ellsworth Adhesives provides customers with a wide variety of value-added services. Through the services listed below, we fulfill all your adhesives needs, from initial technical advice through customized product fulfillment.

    Ask The Glue Doctor  
    The Glue Doctor, a service provided by the Technical Service and Engineered Sales Representatives and Ellsworth, helps customers with product and equipment selection and process optimization.



    Protective Outer Packaging  
    The Ellsworth Packaging Advantage is a systems approach to providing robust outer packaging for the protection of products that can be damaged during transit.

    ePlus Inventory Solutions 
    Ellsworth Adhesives offers its web-based inventory management program which is customizable to fit each customer's inventory needs.



    Certification and Document Control  
    As an ISO 9001:2008 and AS9120:2002 registered company, Ellsworth Adhesives is committed to providing our customers with accurate, up-to-date documentation.


    Custom Packaging  
    Ellsworth Adhesives supplies custom packaging services through KitPackers.



    Custom Labeling and Documentation 
    Custom labeling and documentation helps customers with inventory control and management.


    Electronic Overmolding Services 
    Ellsworth Adhesives provides low pressure molding contract manufacturing services combining the superior performance of Henkel Macromelt thermoplastic encapsulants with the versatility of a Mold-Man™ 8000 low pressure injection molding system.



    Custom Formulation 
    Ellsworth Adhesives partners with Resinlab and The Glue Factory to provide custom or contract adhesive formulation and production.




    Electronic Data Interchange, EDI 
    Our EDI System is fully integrated with our business systems ensuring accurate order processing.  EDI eliminates paperwork and error prone re-entry of customer orders.


    Global Managed Inventory 
    With our many shipping branches, we can ship product to local plants, yet you have control of items purchased from your preferred purchasing site.


    Warehouse Management Services 
    Ellsworth Adhesives employs a world-class Warehouse Management System (WMS). This fully automated system is our front-line asset that enables a nearly error-free picking process.