Custom Packaging

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KitPackers, an Ellsworth Adhesives Company, offers custom packaging for adhesives, sealants, and specialty chemical manufacturers and other adhesive and sealant users and resellers. Ellsworth Sales Engineers and Technical personnel work directly with KitPackers to advise you on all of your chemical packaging needs. A variety of formats for repackaging can be selected including MixPac cartridges (from Sulzer MixPac), Semkits (from Semco), Techkits (Techcon), Ratio-Paks, Duo-Paks, and single component cartridges and syringes. Other formats such as, foil tubes, Twin-Paks, Mono-Paks, cans and jars are available for select applications and products. KitPackers prides itself on operations excellence, quality control testing to customer requirements and specifications.

Product services available include contract packaging for epoxy, urethane, polysulfide, acrylic, polyester and silicones, as well as original and private labeling.

Quality control services available (per ASTM specifications) include viscosity, pot life/gel time, hardness, lap shear, tensile testing and others per request.


KitPackers offers a number of custom packaging services: 

Labeling - Labeling capabilities range from standard black and white to full-color. We customize your label to include all the information you need such as batch numbers, bar codes, part numbers, expiration dates, HMIS codes and safety information.

Bagging - We provide a wide range of foil and polyethylene bags. Our foil bags and desiccant packs prevent contamination from moisture. Field repair kit components such as mixers, gloves, instructions and MSDS sheets can be conveniently added with our wide selection of poly bags.

Hazardous Shipping - KitPackers carries a multitude of specialty shipping boxes including UN certified boxes for transporting hazardous materials. Our certified HAZ shipping experts know exactly how to get your package to your domestic or international destination safely and on-time.

Documentation - Most manufacturers’ certificates of conformance and/or analysis are provided free of charge. Test reports are supplied with no additional markup. Our meticulous internal documentation guarantees complete traceability of each and every shipment.

Premixed & Frozen - We offer blending of two component systems precisely weighed, mixed, degassed, packaged into a syringe or cartridge and then flash frozen. Premixed and frozen products are shipped on dry ice.

Custom Modifications - We are equipped to modify batches of all sizes from quarts to totes. Typical modification include viscosity, color, and the addition of special fillers, such as spacer beads.

Vacuum and Centrifugal Degassing – We are expert at removing air – bubbles, dissolved air or both – from viscous materials. Air removal helps insure accurate and precise dispensing.

Nitrogen Purging – Shelf-life of air or moisture reactive systems is greatly enhanced with nitrogen purging during package fill.

Testing - Avoid the delays and high costs associated with outside testing labs. We can provide you with the analytical, physical and quality assurance testing you need to meet your specifications and budget. 


Custom Packaging offers a number of benefits over in-house packaging:

Lower Costs – We are configured to do large and small lot runs economically. Our set-up costs are relatively low and we have the ability to scale-up quickly.

Superior Performance – For over 20 year, KitPackers has packaged different chemical systems in different package types. We know how to procure the right materials, package chemicals to avoid contamination and the environment, and test for overall system compliance.

No Hassle – Chances are, your core competencies don’t include chemical package filling. And even if you do have what it takes, your volumes for some chemical/package combinations are either too small or too large for your operations. No problem for us. That’s what we do.

More Options – We can provide services and options you may not have considered. We offer pre-mixed and frozen packaging, de-gassing, special testing, kitting, private labeling, and more.


Headquarters in Germantown, WI USA

Europe Operations in East Kilbride, Scotland

ISO9001:2008 Certified

Authorized Packager for 3M, Dow Corning, Henkel Loctite

Partners with most packaging supply companies

Can provide Custom Formulating services in partnership with Resinlab