Custom Packaging

KitPackers, an Ellsworth Adhesives Company, offers custom packaging for adhesives, sealants, and specialty chemical manufacturers, users, and resellers. KitPackers is an authorized packager for 3M, Dow Corning, and Henkel Loctite. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, KitPackers prides itself on operation excellence and quality control testing that meets ASTM standards. Quality control services can test for viscosity, pot life/gel time, hardness, lap shear, tensile strength, and others upon request. They also provide custom formulating services in partnership with Resinlab.

Custom packaging offers a number of benefits over in-house packaging by lowering cost, enhancing performance, and giving you more options.


Types of packaging:

  • Cartridges from Sulzer Mixpac
  • Semkits from Semco
  • Techkits from Techcon
  • Ratio-Paks
  • Duo-Paks
  • Twin-Paks
  • Mono-Paks
  • Foil tubes
  • Cans and jars
  • Single component cartridges and syringes


Custom Packaging Services:

  • Customizable labels
  • Foil and polyethylene bags to prevent contamination from moisture
  • Specialty and UN certified shipping boxes for transporting hazardous materials
  • Provide appropriate documentation including certificates of conformance and test reports
  • Premixed and frozen, two component systems that are accurately weighed, mixed, degassed, and packaged into a syringe or cartridge, then flash frozen and shipped on dry ice
  • Custom modifications such as viscosity, color, and addition of special fillers can be made to batches of all sizes
  • Vacuum and centrifugal degassing
  • Nitrogen purging to improve shelf-life of air or moisture reactive systems
  • Analytical, physical, and quality assurance testing to meet your specifications and budget