Protective Outer Packaging – Ellsworth Packaging Advantage

Ellsworth Adhesives has developed innovative packaging systems to help protect materials packaged in containers susceptible to damage, such as round and rectangular cans, jugs, bottles, tubes, and pails. The enhanced packaging compensates for lower integrity primary packaging and damage which can occur during transit via UPS, FedEx, and other carriers.

Packaging Advantage 375 


  • Premium corrugated boxes
  • Containers insulated from box wall
  • No-memory PK foam inserts
  • Foam inserts fitted to container
  • System for quarts, gallons, pails
  • Recyclable materials


Reduced Packaging Damage
  • Chemical packaging protected from drops and impact
  • Secondary protection level for added security
Product When You Need It 
  • Elimination of packaging related returns
  • Predictable, reliable quality
Lower Scrap and Disposal Costs 
  • No product leakage
  • 100% of material ready to use or dispense
  • Elimination of unused/uncured chemicals due to package damage
Green Packaging System 
  • Elimination of bubble wrap
  • Recyclable packaging materials
  • Elimination
Worker Safety 
  • Chemicals in the container, not on it
  • No spilled chemical clean-up
Enhanced Packaging - Standard 
  • Extra protection without extra cost