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Ellsworth Adhesives offers its web-based inventory management program which is customizable to fit each customer's inventory needs.

ePlus Inventory Solutions Mission Statement
Ellsworth Adhesives strives to improve our Customer-centric value proposition by offering an integrated supply chain solution that quantifiably reduces procurement costs. We will accomplish this by intimately understanding our Customers' unique supply chain opportunities, by removing waste and cycle time from the replenishment process and by applying a relentless approach to continuous improvement in a culture of Customer Satisfaction Excellence.

To learn more contact our ePlus Inventory Solutions team at eplus@ellsworth.com.

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ePlus Inventory Solutions Flyer  ePlus Case Study 




  • Available wherever there is an internet connection.
  • No software to install!


Automated Ordering 

  • When item hits its minimum inventory value, an order will automatically generate in the amount to get the item back up to its maximum inventory value.


Visual On-Hands Queues 

  • Graphical display bars give users a quick look at where their inventory is at in regards to their minimum and maximum values.



  • Available in English, Spanish, French, Germany, and Chinese.


Item Bar-Coding 

  • Individual item bar-coding is placed on all items for easy scan-outs, cycle counts, and receipts. 
  • Labels are customized to meet customers label specifications. 


Easy Accessibility to MSDS, TDS & Mfg Certs 

  • Availability to access MSDS, TDS, and Manufacturer's Certs directly from the ePlus Inventory Solutions website.    


Custom Security Levels 

  • A username and password are required to access the ePlus Inventory Solutions website. 
  • Various security settings can be created by user.


Multi-Vendor Platform 

  • Ability to integrate into a wide-range of customer's ERP systems (such as SAP, BAAN, Oracle, and more).


Easy to use! 


Process Cost Savings 

  •  Automated re-ordering
  •  Reduction in procurement time to receive material


Inventory Cost Savings 

  • Help target Days Inventory On Hand (DIOH) goals
  • Reduction in scrap through adjustable min/max levels


Reduce Stock-Outages 

  • Full inventory visibility at all times 
  • Multi-site visibility enables easy inventory transfers


Shelf Life Visibility 

  • Lot level detail imported automatically
  • Item traceability to the lot level back to the manufacturer


Transportation Savings 

  • Flexible replenishment schedules allow for consolidated shipments
  • Reduction in number of expedited shipments through inventory visibility and planning


Custom Reporting 

  • Real-time item transaction and usage reports
  • Custom Shelf Life reporting on expiration dates


  1. What is ePlus Inventory Soltutions?
    ePlus Inventory Solutions is Ellsworth Adhesives' automated inventory management solution which we customize to meet each one of our customer's individual needs. 
  2. Does the ePlus Inventory Solutions system require me to download software on my computer?
    No.  The Ellsworth Adhesives ePlus Inventory Solutions system is a web-based program which allows visibility to both the customers as well as us.  Because it is web-based it can be viewed from anywhere there is an internet connection and therefore does not require any sort of software maintenance.
  3. How can this system effectively help me manage my shelf life sensitive items?
    The Ellsworth ePlus Inventory Solutions system is uniquely different than many of the other inventory management systems out there in that it is specifically designed to help control and effectively manage shelf life on age-sensitive material.  Material such as chemicals, adhesives, and coatings can have very short shelf-life and can be hard to manage.  The ePlus Inventory Solutions system helps identify these materials and controls them through the use of various alerts, reports and visual cues.  
  4. Can the system help manage First In, First Out (FIFO)?
    Yes the ePlus Inventory Solutions system has a FIFO Exception report which alerts users when a FIFO exception occurs.  This report shows the item that was pulled, the item that should have been pulled, all correlating manufacturer lot and shelf life information as well as the user that that performed the incorrect behavior. 
  5. Can the system help me eliminate my Scrap?
    While scrap cannot always be eliminated, it can definitely be reduced and managed more effectively.  That's what the ePlus Inventory Solutions system can do.  The system generates Days Inventory On Hand (DIOH) numbers which help determine how much inventory should be carried by the customer.  The system is also capable of reporting on items that were scrapped for further review.
  6. What type of reporting is available?
    There are various reports that are available throughout the system.  All reports are on-demand and real-time.  They are also all exportable to MS Excel.  Some of the reports that are available include reporting on Days Inventory On Hand, Order History, Item Transactions, Monthly/Weekly Transactions, Shelf Life, Scrap, FIFO, and many more.  Custom reports are also available based on customer's current reports or their reporting needs.
  7. We have multiple locations where our inventory is stored.  Will we be able to view inventory at all the locations if needed?
    Yes.  The ePlus Inventory Solutions system has the capability of multi-site visibility, meaning that if you have multiple inventory locations at one site or locations world-wide, you will have visibility to see inventory at all those locations with a simple click of a button.  This multi-site visibility also allows for easy transfers of inventory between these various locations.
  8. I want to know more about implementing the Ellsworth ePlus Inventory Solutions system in my facility.  What is my next step?
    Your first step is to contact our ePlus Inventory Solutions Project Manager Tina Gabrielson at tgabrielson@ellsworth.com.   Our sales team will make arrangements with you to present our capabilities with ePlus Inventory Solutions and will go through our discovery phase which maps out current state vs. future state process.
  9. Can this system integrate into my current ERP system?
    The ePlus Inventory Solutions system is SQL based and can integrate into other SQL based ERP systems very easily (i.e.: SAP, Baan, Oracle, etc).  If you are running a non SQL based system and you have an interest in integrating, a more in-depth discussion can be conducted to find out more information about your current ERP system.
  10. How do I know if I'm a good candidate for ePlus Inventory Solutions?
    Our very experienced sales team can help you in determining if ePlus Inventory Solutions is the right solution for you.  To find out more information about the program and to set up an ePlus Inventory Solutions presentation at your facility, please send an email inquiry to tgabrielson@ellsworth.com today!