Dow Corning Molykote BG 20 High Performance Synthetic Grease 400 g Cartridge

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Part number: BG 20 SYN GRSE 400G CART
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1 $386.70 ($38.67 each) 386.7000 USD New Available
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Sold as a pack (10/pk).


Dow Corning Molykote BG-20 High Performance Synthetic Grease Beige is a polyolester grease that is used for applications that are exposed to extreme pressure, speeds, and temperatures such as fans, presses, spindles, metal working machines, utility switches, and generators. It provides a wide service temperature range, low temperature torque, and a high load carrying capacity. 400 g Cartridge.

Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Weeks. NON-RETURNABLE.

Typical Use: Advantageous in applications that experience high temperatures and extreme pressure or high speed, such as ball bearings of electrical motors, fans, calenders, presses, metal working machines, generators, utility switch contacts, spindles, and dryers.
Manufacturer SKU: 2405831
Brand: Molykote
Color: Beige
Service Temperature: -45 to 182 °C
Specific Gravity: 1.01 @ 25 °C
Spray: No

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