Henkel Loctite Hysol E-60NC Epoxy Potting Compound Black 200 mL Cartridge

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Henkel Loctite Hysol E-60NC is a low viscosity, electrically non-corrosive epoxy adhesive potting compound. Once cured it provides excellent environmental and chemical resistance, and acts as an electrical insulator. 200 mL Cartridge.

Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Weeks. NON-RETURNABLE.

Typical Use: Designed for bonding, potting and encapsulating electrical components which are sensitive to corrosion. Used in electronic applications, for component attachment to boards, housing assembly and potting.
Manufacturer SKU: 237114
Brand: Hysol
Chemical Composition: Epoxy
Color: Black
Components: 2 part
Cure System: Room Temperature
Dielectric Strength: 550 V/mil
Elongation: 8%
Flash Point: >93 °C
Hardness: 85 D
Mix Ratio: 1:1 by volume; 100:91 by weight
Specific Gravity: Mixed: 1.05
Tack Free Time: 180min
Tensile Strength: 6,800 psi
Viscosity: Resin: 6,200; Hardener: 13,000
Working Time: 60min

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