Dow Corning Molykote G-Rapid Plus Spray Lubricant Paste Black 400 mL Aerosol

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Part number: G-RAP PLS PSTE SPRY 400ML
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1 $274.92 ($22.91 each) 274.9200 USD
2-4 $196.56 ($16.38 each) 196.5600 USD
5+ $184.20 ($15.35 each) 184.2000 USD
Sold as a pack (12/pk).


Dow Corning Molykote G-Rapid Plus Spray Black is a solid lubricant with mineral oil that is used as a permanent and running-in lubricant for machine components such as saws, drills, threaded spindles, screws, pumps, bearing, pulleys, and gears. It provides low friction, good coverage, high pressure absorption, and prevents stick-slip, scoring, seizure, and fretting corrosion. 400 mL Can.

Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Weeks. NON-RETURNABLE.

Typical Use: Suitable for the press-fit production of all types of machine elements, as a running-in lubricant for new machines and gears, as a permanent lubrication of machine elements which are submitted to slight or intermittent movement only.
Manufacturer SKU: 4045666
Brand: Molykote
Color: Black
Service Temperature: -35 to 450 °C
Specific Gravity: 0.74 @ 25 °C
Spray: Yes

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