Dow Corning Q2-3067 Optical Couplant 453 g Jar

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Part number: Q2-3067 OPT COUPLANT 453G
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Dow Corning Q2-3067 Optical Couplant is a grease-like material that is used to improve sensitivity of optical devices, prevent loss of intensity during light transmission, and for optical coupling. It provides good shear stability, low temperature bonding, and high clarity. 453 g Jar.

Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Weeks. NON-RETURNABLE.

Typical Use: Prevents reflection and loss of intensity during light transmission and improves the sensitivity of many optical devices: fiber optics, electro optic systems & lens assemblies, as well as other light sensing instruments.
Manufacturer SKU: 3143368
Color: Amber
Components: 1 part
Flash Point: >101.1 °C
Specific Gravity: 0.976 @ 25 °C
Viscosity: Paste

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