HB Fuller Resiweld FE7004 Epoxy Adhesive Part B 2 lb Can

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Part number: FE7004B 2LB QUART

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HB Fuller Resiweld FE7004 is a two component, all purpose epoxy adhesive that is used for potting small electronic components, bonding wood lamination, concrete, rubber, and ceramics. It offers high shear strength, water and chemical resistance. Part B, 2 lb Can.

Usually Ships in 4-5 Business Weeks. NON-RETURNABLE.

Typical Use: Typical applications include wood lamination for sporting goods, potting small parts for electronics, and as an all purpose adhesive.
Chemical Composition: Amine
Color: Dark Amber
Components: 2 part
Cure System: Room Temperature/Heat
Cure Time: 10 to 14d @ 25 °C; 3 to 4h @ 70 °C; 1 to 2h @ 93.3 °C
Flash Point: >204 °C
Hardness: 65 to 85 D
Mix Ratio: 100:50 by volume; 100:24 by weight
Peel Strength: 1.5 lb/in
Service Temperature: -73.3 to 93.3 °C
Specific Gravity: 0.96
Viscosity: Part B: 5,000; Mixed: 13,500