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LORD® Maxlok™ MX-T6 Acrylic Adhesive Gray 50 mL Cartridge
MX/T6 LP50

Sold as a pack (12/pk). LORD® Maxlok™ MX-T6 Acrylic Adhesive is versatile, temperature and environmentally resistant. It bonds to a wide range of unprepared metals with minimal substrate preparation and provides exceptional resistance to UV exposure. 50 mL Dual Pack Cartridge.

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Typical Use: Replace welding, riveting and other mechanical fastening methods in low and high temperature environments subject to high-impact or high peel loads.

Color/Appearance: Gray
Product Name: LORD® Maxlok™ MX-T6 Acrylic Adhesive Gray 50 mL Cartridge
1 part or 2: 2 part
Cure Time: 24h @ room temperature
Elongation: >10%
Flash Point: 15 °C
Mix Ratio: 4:1 by volume
Rt Tack Free Time: 20 to 24min
Tensile Strength: 2,800 psi
Viscosity Cp: 70,000 to 220,000
Work Life/Pot Life: 6 to 9min

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