Glue Dots

Glue Dots manufactures pressure-sensitive adhesives formed in various shapes and patterns on a release liner that form a clean, instant bond to a multitude of surfaces.  Quick and easy to apply, Glue Dots leave no mess, no residue and no odor, so they are cleaner and much easier to use than double-sided tapes and liquid glues and safer than hot melt adhesives.

Glue Dots offers adhesives for every packaging, printing or manufacturing project. Custom adhesive sizes, formulas, and configurations are also available.


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Accutack is a custom pressure sensitive adhesive which delivers a variety of adhesive formulas in a pattern of your choice, the options are virtually endless. Best of all, many custom patterns can be designed to work with Glue Dots application equipment. Accutack Custom Adhesives can be the answer for your most challenging manufacturing or assembly applications. 

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