Electronic Overmolding Services

Ellsworth Adhesives provides low pressure molding contract manufacturing services combining the superior performance of Henkel Technomelt, formerly branded as Macromelt, thermoplastic encapsulants with the versatility of a Mold-Man™ 8000 low pressure injection molding system from Cavist Manufacturing.

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  Technomelt Overmolding Moldman 8000

 Henkel Loctite - Technomelt Brochure

Technomelt Low Pressure Molding Solutions Brochure

Technomelt Encapsulants

Typical Applications: 

  • Encapsulation of Connectors
    • To protect against heat, water, dust
    • To obtain strain relief
  • Grommets / Sockets
    • To obtain strain relief
    • To fix molded part in correct position
  • Encapsulation of Electronic Devices
    • To protect against heat, water, dust

Technical Features: 

  • Low Pressure
    • Injection pressure between 2 and 40 bar
    • No damage of electronic parts
    • Molds can be made of aluminum (low costs)
  • Adhesive
    • To manufacture electrical devices which are water tight
    • To fix molded part in correct position
    • To obtain strain relief on cables
    • Products based on natural raw materials – environmentally compatible
  • Injection Molding
    • Cycle times typically between 10 and 50 seconds
    • Allows higher output than with casting applications
    • Clean and simple to use process

Mold-Man™ 8000

The Moldman™ 8000 is ideal for low to high volume production quantities. It is an automated single station Low Pressure Molding machine. The Moldman™ 8000 is equipped with a pressure control system. This system controls volume and pressure independent of each other providing the flexibility to over-mold complex circuit boards and connectors.

Cooled mold platens eliminate hoses to the moldset providing easy access for loading and unloading molded components.

Moldman™ Machines are designed exclusively for Low Pressure Molding. They are integrated, purpose built LPM machines, designed without maintenance intensive items.

  • No heated hoses
  • No exposed heated joints
  • No exposed moving injection nozzles