Electronic Overmolding Services

Ellsworth Adhesives offers low pressure molding contract manufacturing services that combine the superior performance of Henkel LOCTITE® TECHNOMELT, formerly branded Macromelt, thermoplastics with the versatility of Moldman™ 8000 low pressure molding system. TECHNOMELT polyamide and polyolefin thermoplastics are ideal for encapsulating electronic assemblies to protect against environmental exposures.

Moldman™ 8000 is an automated, single station Low Pressure Molding machine that can be used for low to high volume production. Processing cycles are very short, 10 to 50 seconds, and multiple parts can be made with each molding cycle. For more information on Contract Molding Services or Moldman™ Machines, please submit your questions and contact information here.

Technomelt Brochure

 Technomelt Low Pressure Molding Brochure

Benefits of Low Pressure Molding:

  • Protects electronic devices from heat, water, dust, and stress
  • Low injection pressure, between 2 and 40 bar
  • Precise meter shot sizes and flow control
  • Zero waste, all excess material is recycled
  • Products are made of natural materials


Typical Applications:

  • Lighting display boards
  • Automotive sensors
  • Grommets and sockets
  • Medical sensors
  • Connectors
  • Engine control units


Moldman™ 8000 Features:Moldman 8000

  • No heated hoses
  • No exposed heated joints or moving injection nozzles
  • Adjustable process control
  • Easy to operate, requires no special training
  • Soft close safety feature
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Long service life